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There’s much more to The Kilted Butcher than incredible products and outstanding customer service. We also offer a range of special services that really makes us a must-visit destination in Eastend SK .

On Site Slaughter

We come to you

Our on site slaughter saves you time and keeps your animals happy. Fees are as follows.

Cow  $150
Pig     $75
Lamb $50

Mileage: Mileage rates are $1 per KM to the animal. We cover the way back.

Custom Cut & Wrap


We are committed to providing the customer with what they want and the best quality. We are also happy to recommend cuts you don't typically see. Prices are as follows

Cow                                $1.10/lb
Hamburger Cow             $1.10/lb
Pig                                 $150 up to150lb Over 150lb
Lamb                              $100 flat fee
Wild Game under 150lb  $150

Wild Game over 150lb    $1.00/lb

Sausage                  $3.00/lb
Hamburger Patties  $2.50/lb
Bacon curing           $4.00/lb
Ham curing              $3.00/lb

Butchering Service Price List: Services
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